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Welcome to the 49th Parallel


The 49thParallel is an information website for those wishing for find information on the ongoing land 'reclamation' in Caledonia, Ontario.  Much of the information contained in this site has had months of research put into it.

The 49th Parallel started as the Canada vs. USA Debate W3B message board. The message board was hosted on a server in Saskatchewan.  Strangely, the original administrator stopped looking after the message board, leaving the message board to it's own devices.  It was only after a long talk with a few of the users did I decide to take the board over.  The board was moved around from host to host until, in about 2005, I decided to give it it's own domain name.  The 49th Parallel gets it's name from the degree of latitude that most of the Canada/USA border is on.  It is the worlds longest, undefended international border, and separates two of the strongest countries in the world.

After the incident in Caledonia on April 26, 2006, and after several message boards failed and denigrated into name calling and racial slurs, it was my thought that the board should also evolve.  The interest in a debate between Canada and the USA was waning, therefore, it was decided to focus on the Caledonia land occupation at the Douglas Creek Estates, and the information and history surrounding the motives behind such an event.

There are several contributors to the material on the site, and those contributors have been asked to contribute the information.

The information on this site is far reaching and it hopefully will clear up some of the misconceptions that have been floating around since February 2006.

Welcome to the 49th Parallel.  I hope you find this website informative.